As the trading floor evolves,so shall the trader...

Patak Trading Partners, LLC


Patak Trading Partners is a proprietary trading firm and member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Our fundamentals are simple - seek out and recruit talented, passionate traders and reward them based on merit.

Patak Trading Partners finds top talent through a recruiting program at TopstepTrader which places traders with a Funded Trading Account based on their trading performance. Central to TopstepTrader is the Trading Combine®, an evaluation program that allows traders to prove their skills to a team of experts, while trading on a real-time simulated account using a professional platform. Traders who meet the objective of the Trading Combine are then invited to trade our firm’s capital - and because of our online offering, funded traders can trade remotely from anywhere in the world.

The Opportunity

We understand the challenges that exist for traders trying to become profitable and successful in the markets. We’ve partnered with TopstepTrader to remove those barriers. That way, traders can focus on proving their skills without risking personal capital and we can focus on finding and financially backing untapped trading talent.


Patak Trading Partners was founded by Michael Patak, a screen/floor trader at the Chicago Board of Trade and has grown out of the knowledge and experience of its partners. We are a privately funded company and do not rely on outside investors or private equity.

Our success is driven by three fundamental ideas:

  • Seek out and recruit talented, passionate traders
  • Reward based on merit
  • Provide the support necessary for long term success



Patak Trading Partners was founded by Michael Patak, a floor trader at the Chicago Board of Trade. Michael has been a member of the CME group and trading for his own account for over 10 years. Prior to trading on the floor Michael followed the markets while in college and had a great desire to become a trader in Chicago's futures market.

After graduating and without any funds to open his own trading account Michael moved to Chicago to seek out a company that was willing to give him a chance to trade. He met with a proprietary trading group that was looking to hire electronic traders if they could show that they possessed discipline and profitability on a simulated trading account. Michael was able to prove to the group that he was profitable and was given his shot at the futures market. He was able to improve upon his skills through this opportunity and has credited much of his success to staying disciplined and focused when given his first opportunity in the futures market.