As the trading floor evolves....So shall the trader...

Patak Trading Partners, LLC


Patak Trading Partners is a boutique proprietary trading firm and member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, based in Chicago, Illinois. Our core mission is to seek out the best trading talent and provide those traders with the necessary tools to succeed in the live market. The fundamentals of our firm are simple: recruit talented, passionate futures traders, supply best-of-breed trading technology as well as the latest market information, and provide the capital necessary to help our traders succeed.

Patak Trading Partners utilizes an entirely new way of recruiting talent--hiring traders not by age, experience, nepotism, or ivy league education, but based purely on talent. As a result of this innovative hiring process, Patak Trading Partners is able to recruit and hire traders of all backgrounds, from all corners of the world.


We understand there are many barriers that exist for anyone trying to become a futures trader. These barriers keep talented individuals from proving that they have what it takes to become a successful future trader. Our firm was created with the premise of removing those barriers, and seeking and financially backing that untapped trading talent.

Since we are a member firm of the CME Group, our traders benefit from direct clearing relationships, a cutting edge trading platform, and the capital required to manage a trading account. In addition to helping our traders setup an environment geared towards maximizing their trading success, traders also benefit from payout and cost structures that are far more competitive than any other firm.

Another advantage of Patak Trading Partners is our recruitment division and independent scouting agency, TopstepTrader. Through TopstepTrader, we are able to hire traders based purely on skill--their ability to be profitable, disciplined, and consistent. This program for futures traders gives our recruits and live traders the chance to learn to trade and experience trading in the live futures markets in a risk-free environment and we provide the necessary tools to help them succeed.

If you are interested receiving more information about our firm or our trader development and recruitment process, please contact us.



Patak Trading Partners was founded by Michael Patak, a floor trader at the Chicago Board of Trade. Michael has been a member of the CME group and trading for his own account for over 10 years. Prior to trading on the floor Michael followed the markets while in college and had a great desire to become a trader in Chicago's futures market.

After graduating and without any funds to open his own trading account Michael moved to Chicago to seek out a company that was willing to give him a chance to trade. He met with a proprietary trading group that was looking to hire electronic traders if they could show that they possessed discipline and profitability on a simulated trading account. Michael was able to prove to the group that he was profitable and was given his shot at the futures market. He was able to improve upon his skills through this opportunity and has credited much of his success to staying disciplined and focused when given his first opportunity in the futures market.